Vivarium Substrate (ABG Mix) 2.5L


Originally designed and developed for the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (hence ABG), this mix has been the go-to mix for vivarium and terrarium enthusiasts for years.

ABG is designed for long term use in humid vivarium because of the following qualities:

Fast draining – it's a porous airy mix that doesn't get bogged down.

Moist but not boggy – the components, whilst fast-draining do retain moisture well to prevent root dry out.

Nutrient retention – whilst the mix itself isn't nutrient heavy, the components hold onto nutrients well, ensuring a good growing cycle.

Minimal compaction – due to fibrous components, it's very resistant to compaction over time. 

Long lasting – ABG can be used for a number of years before needing to be replaced.

It takes approximately X L of ABG to make a 2inch deep layer of substrate to grow plants in. One order is for X L of ABG

Please note this is a pre-order and will start to ship in June 2020. Please see our Pre-order FAQ page for more information. 

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