Lava Rock


Lava rock is a great filler material for the drainage trough of Amazonia vivariums.  It takes approx. 1 Litre of lava rock to fill the trough to the correct level. 

Lava rock is a great substrate that has a high surface area making it an ideal filter/drainage material that won't break down quickly. We recommend covering lava rock with a material such as horticultural fabric or synthetic screening to prevent smaller-grained substrate materials from filtering down into it.

It takes approx. 1 Litre of lava rock to fill the vivarium trough. It takes an additional 1 litre to apply a 1/2" drainage layer beneath an organic substrate.

Please note this is a pre-order and will start to ship in June 2020. Please see our Pre-order FAQ page for more information. 

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