Epiweb Panels and Branches


EpiWeb is a recycled polyethylene material that allows water to pass through it and is also extremely lightweight. It was designed for use a replacement for tree-fern. Because it's porous but still holds some moisture, plants will root directly into it. And because its inorganic, it will not break down or degrade like organic substrates.

We sell an EpiWeb kit for use as a substrate in Amazonia vivariums. The first piece is custom cut to 50 x 30.5cm and covers the primary floor of the vivarium. A second piece measures 50 x 9.5cm and covers the trough (assuming the trough is filled with some sort of drainage material such as LECA or horticultural charcoal). 

We sell an EpiWeb kit for use as a substrate in Amazonia vivariums. However if you wish to design your own background/side panels or hardscape, we also sell the standard sizes as well as preformed branches.

Please note this is a pre-order and will start to ship in June 2020. Please see our Pre-order FAQ page for more information. 

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