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Air Circulation

Our water resistant circulation fans turn over the total air volume of the vivarium 3 times per minute. Directional heads can rotate 120 degrees, allowing for customized airflow, and built-in screens ensure that they are 100% frog safe. 

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Water Circulation

Whether you mist by hand or use an automated system, our slanted deck and integrated drain system ensures that your vivariums don't become a swampy, mucky mess. Gravity directs water toward a front trough, which then exits the system into a sump – you can run your misters for hours and your enclosure will never flood.


Our light unit is specifically designed for use with InSitu vivariums. A clean white colour spectrum paired with a frosted glass lens creates an even quality of light throughout the enclosure, and is bright enough to grow light-loving plants such as orchids.


The tropics teem with plant and animal species that thrive in the conditions created by our vivariums. We have worked hard to make sure the proper combination of air, water and light are possible: it's up to you to add the plants and animals that will turn it into a truly living ecosystem.